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Engineered Black and White Bracelet

Engineered Black and White Bracelet

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  • BEST FIT & COMFORT: This is a very comfortable-to-wear black and white bracelet made with parachute cord that fits perfectly on most wrists.
  • QUALITY: This bracelet is intricately woven with a diamond knot and 550lb paracord. If ever needed, the parachute cord can be easily unraveled for use in many different things (like tying down a tent or being used as rope). 
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: This bracelet is handmade as soon as you order it! Usually ships within 1-2 days. Just send a message if you'd like to customize it or have ANY other questions and we'll happily answer!
  • DETAILS: 100% Handcrafted. 100% Nylon. 
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