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Burgundy Paracord Bracelet With Metal Shackle

Burgundy Paracord Survival Bracelet

Burgundy Paracord Bracelet With Metal Shackle:

Here it is! I've started a new project with burgundy 550 paracord and a metal shackle. I'll be posting this for sale soon!

I really love that burgundy color! Wutcha think? The shackle feels really nice as it's super snug and has a lot of weight to it! If you're looking for tactical gear and accessories for your outdoor excursions, paracord bracelets are a must!

They can definitely be put to just about any use in a survival situation! You can fish with paracord, start a campfire, build a shelter (like a tent), etc. Plus, they're awesome to wear! 

You can even make your own paracord bracelet! All you need is paracord and a lighter! It doesn't even need a buckle. Here's a Youtube tutorial on how to make one without a buckle (mad max style)!

Happy paracording and camping! 

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