5 Style Principles You Should Follow

5 Style Principles You Should Follow

Written by the Modest Man

There are certain techniques you can use to make sure your clothing and accessories are making you look as tall and lean as possible. Obviously, your clothes can't actually MAKE you taller, but they can have a visible impact on your perceived stature. In this video, I teach you five style principles you can use to make sure your clothes and accessories are working FOR you, not against you.

Here are the five tips:

#1: Make sure your clothes fit

#2: Make sure your accessories are proportionate

#3: Don't cut yourself in half with contrast

#4: Wear small scale patterns

#5: Avoid low-rise pants

If you follow these five principles, you will look like the lean, handsome devil you really are. And if you want more "dress tall" tips, check out my free guide (link below). And remember: there's NOTHING wrong with being short. If anyone tell you differently, they're just insecure about their own body and personality. Don't worry about your height. Instead, focus on things you can actually control, like trying to dress well every single day!

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