What does it mean to crush it?

What does it mean to crush it?

To crush it, you need more than a t-shirt that says "crushing it" although that's not a bad start. You need more than mere mortal abilities. You need more than good looks and pearly whites. First, you need to be able to speak unlike a caveman but in a clear and concise manner. You need to be liberal in your thoughts, stuck up, and cultured. Driving a hybrid or caring about the planet are also not bad ideas to incorporate.

Furthermore, you need communication skills, you need to be able to comprehend things, and sometimes you just have to fake it. You also need to understand the importance of not being an idiot.

Mmhmm. You see an appreciation for elegance, the finer things in life, and beauty are a must but alone hedonism can only get you so far.

Crushing it requires more you unrefined swine! More than anything, crushing it is a state of mind. It's belief in the self. Nevermind the fact that pride and ego are destructive to the self and others. Frankly, don't be such a wuss! 

To crush it, you need to take the bull by the horns. Take what does not exist, make it the truth in your mind, then force it recklessly onto the masses. You have to want to win at any cost! Be absolutely unstoppable and crush it! However, when you do, make sure you wear nice clothes since there's no point to doing anything if you can't look dope while you do it.

Afterwards, we can smoke a cigarro, wear a shirt that says "crushing it" (hint: buy the shirt) and continue our plans for world domination. 


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