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Santa Margarita River Trail

Santa Margarita Trail

Today we went on a hike on the Santa Margarita Trail in Fallbrook, CA. The hike is about 5 miles and pretty easy to traverse (although we didn't go the whole way). The trail is really nice and easy on the ol' feet (sand the whole way)! 

It was a pretty warm day today at about 83 degrees Fahrenheit. I decided to wear my Patagonia fleece on the hike because I was carrying all my luggage (phone, wallet, etc.) in it's pocket and didn't want it to fall out. Not the best idea. By the time we got back to the car my t-shirt was soaked in my own sweat! Well at least I know my fleece does it's job!

Santa Margarita TrailSanta Margarita Trail

Dogs are allowed on the hike! We brought Riley, an Applehead Chihuahua, and he seemed to love it! Wanted to mark his territory everywhere but the trail started to make him tire. Lots of other people brought their dogs on the hike too so it's definitely pet friendly if you have a pup!

The hike is mostly flat and fun to walk on. There are, however, rocky sections where the trail moves up, down, and shifts on almost a razor's edge and the presence of the cliff's puts you into vulnerable positions. I would say caution, to a degree, is advised. 

Santa Margarita Trail

The hike's scenery is great! The trees for shade, the flowing water, and the trail itself make for a fun outing that you'll be sure to enjoy! Lots of kids were playing in the water and having a grand ol' time! Great atmosphere and vibes! Personally though, I thought a lot of the water was really murky and green. I wouldn't get into it but Riley sure liked it!

Santa Margarita TrailSanta Margarita Trail

In my opinion, it was definitely a fun hike to make if you want a short and easy trail you'd want to bring kids and pets along on (there's also lots of shade).

The scenes were great for taking pictures and the whole hiking experience was a fun adventure (plus there was a bee hive!) but we ended up not finishing it. I would rate the hike as pretty good if you're looking for a fun and short trail in Southern California.

Sooooo, there you are! Hope you found this useful and that you go out, hike, and have a great ol' time! Happy hiking everyone! Cheers!






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